With the holiday party season in full swing, use these tips to help you look and feel your best the day after.

The holiday season is meant for good times with family and friends. Occasionally, those good times can lead to a little excess. It’s easy to do, especially when the conversations, foods and libations are flowing.

Here are a few tips to utilize during the indulgences of the holiday season to keep you feeling your best:

Adult beverage do’s and don’ts

Hydrate: The day of the party, consume a generous amount of water to protect against alcohol’s dehydrating properties. Most hangover conditions are directly related to dehydration. Stick to drinks with few congeners. A study from Brown University found that congeners, chemicals produced during the fermentation process of certain liquors (red wine, brandy, whiskey), can often create worse hangovers than alcohol with little or no congeners (white wine, vodka).

Choose wisely: Consuming even a couple of drinks can have an impact on the complexion. That warm, rosy glow in your cheeks is known as transient flushing. It happens when alcohol’s main metabolite, acetaldehyde, kicks in, releasing histamines into the body and causing blood vessels to dilate and create redness.

Food for thought

Protein first: Many dishes at a holiday gathering tend to be on the sweet side. Protein is more filling and can help prevent overeating of high-calorie carbs and sweets.

Limit choices: It’s tempting to grab all the good-looking sweets; try sticking to the low-calorie ones you know. Use a small plate and give your food time to settle before going back for seconds.

Bring your own: If it’s a potluck situation, make a healthy dish and make it your prime source of sustenance.

Beauty hacks

Food hangover: Drink plenty of water the next day, with a dash of lemon to help with digestion. Light broths and salads will also help with digestion issues.

Eye puffiness: Too much sugar and salt can lead to puffy eyes. Try a cold compress or cooled black tea bags to bring the puff  under control. A big glass of water will also help with any residual salt retention.

Banish blemishes: Poor diet and lack of exercise may contribute to a popup pimple or two. Treat them with apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or your traditional face cleanser. Be careful to not overdry or pick at the blemish. Again, hydration is recommended to help cleanse from within. Overeating also adds to the blemish equation. The body’s response to too many calories and too much food waste is to remove them by any means necessary. This means the skin can become greasy, irritated and may even trigger eczema or other skin outbreaks.

Remove makeup before bed: Prolonged makeup wear changes the appearance of your skin, causing wrinkles and sagging. Use a nice scrub or brush over your whole body to get the blood circulating. Plus, most people feel better when they are clean.