I enjoy Healthy Living Made Simple magazine. It’s no surprise that Sam’s Club offers a free magazine to the public with the newest information on medicine, nutrition and health- related topics. Anytime I have the chance to tell Sam’s Club what a good job they do, I take it.

I have written to my local Sam’s Club Pharmacy several times bragging about the staff at the New Port Richey location. I am a service-oriented person and I believe that most people prefer service over product and will always return to a store, café or pharmacy if the service is outstanding.

That is what my Sam’s Club does for me. Recently, I needed an increase in dosage on a Schedule II drug and my doctor faxed it over. However, Sam’s Club could not fill it, so when I called for the medicine, one of the Pharmacists told me of the problem and that I didn’t have to call my doctor — they were already on top of it. The Pharmacist called my doctor and told him how to write the prescription so I could get what I needed. That’s what they do all the time!

They go out of their way, taking the extra time to fix the problem so the patient does not have to deal with it. No matter what, they handle it and always do it with a patient-first attitude. Each person who is behind the counter at the Pharmacy, and I’ve dealt with all of them, is always professional, kind and friendly to everyone they serve. Jason, Laura, Amy and Ben are some of the best I’ve had serve me. However, all of them, including the manager, have helped me with my medicine and my husband’s medicines, and always make us feel we are #1 in the club. As for me, Sam’s Club will always be my choice for several products. But for service and accuracy, you can’t beat the New Port Richey Sam’s Club. They get it right the first time.

Thank you for putting great people behind the counter who are well-trained, kind and really love to take care of people.

By Marie Patterson, New Port Richey, FL, Member since 1994