As adorable as it may seem, having your dog’s happy face hanging out the window, enjoying the breeze, can be a real safety hazard. Having your pets loose in your vehicle can be dangerous too. Here are some things to remember while driving with your pets:

Use a carrier for smaller dogs. A loose, small pet could crawl down in the floorboard and interfere with the brake and gas pedals. In the event of an accident, your pet could go through the windshield or, if riding in your lap, get severely injured by the air bags or the weight of your body.

Do not let your pet ride with their head out of the vehicle. Riding with their head out of the window, your pet is at a greater risk for injury by airborne objects or could get thrown from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Use a pet barrier made for your vehicle. For vans and SUVs, there are pet barriers that are built into the vehicle. They give your pet a little more room and are less confining than a carrier.

Buckle your pet for safety! There are several types of harnesses to secure your pet to the seat while allowing them the freedom to sit or lay.

Supervise your pet. Never leave your pet in a car unattended. A pet in an unattended vehicle on a hot day can be especially dangerous.

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