Need a running buddy?

Some tips for training your dog to run with you, from

  • Ease into it. Dogs need to build up tolerance just like people, so make sure you don’t do too much too soon. Give your dog a five-minute warm-up before you start running, and watch for signs of exhaustion like heavy panting.
  • Dont leave the leash at home. Even well-behaved dogs need leash training. A quick tug will help your canine friend learn that while a fire hydrant or tree looks inviting, it’s not the time to stop and check them out.
  • Remember your manners. Your dog may love to greet and lick passersby, but proper training includes teaching your pooch to be polite. When strangers approach, pull your dog off to one side and wait; reward her with a healthy treat when she calmly lets them pass.

Check your dog’s heart, too

Heart disease doesn’t just affect people. In fact, 10 percent of dogs have heart disease, and about 75 percent of dogs over age 16 have valvular heart disease, a condition that affects the valves of the heart. Just like in humans, early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle are the best ways to support canine heart health.


The percentage of U.S. households that own a pet, up from 56% in 1988.

If you want to reward your pet, don’t add treats to her diet. Instead, substitute goodies for a small portion of your pets food.

Relax, kitty

It’s hard to believe cats need to relax, especially since they spend most of their days sunbathing and sleeping. But new luxury boarding facilities, known as cat spas, offer relaxation therapies like toy gyms, cat massages and herbal catnip packaged in tea bags.