Health and beauty products make thoughtful, useful gifts everyone will love.

Holidays are the universal opportunity to provide thoughtful items to our families, friends, coworkers and extended network to show we care. It’s also known as buying-anything-not-nailed-down-panic time. Some of us painstakingly purchase items throughout the year for each individual. Others wait until Black Friday or even the night before the celebrations to pull together the items on their gift list.

Some of the most thoughtful gifts can be found in the beauty aisle. From hair treatments to dental care wonders, health and wellness items are an incredible way to pamper the people we love.

Here are some ideas and products to cover all of your gift needs for every person on your list.

Natural oils: All-natural powerhouses
When looking for beauty gifts keep an eye out for oils. All-natural oils like macadamia, olive and almond have risen to the forefront of beauty. From skin care and color cosmetics to hair treatments, oils are an incredible way to pamper and treat people at the holidays. Two of the most popular oils are coconut and argan. Coconut oil has emerged as an incredible ingredient in
its natural form or incorporated into moisturizers, hair treatments and even for use in smoothies and baking. It is a proven remedy for mild to moderately dry skin conditions and even
to reduce protein loss in hair when used topically. All that and it smells like a beach vacation — what more could you want in the dark days of winter?

Another incredible oil is argan, which is native to Morocco. Often called “liquid gold,” it is traditionally harvested in a time consuming, labor-intensive process. The argan kernels are pressed to extract the valuable oil, which is loaded with vitamin E, and whipped into hair treatments, whisked into body moisturizers and added to color cosmetics. Traditionally, argan oil has been used as a “cure all” for treating acne, rheumatism and burns, as well as keeping hair and skin looking and feeling amazing.

Both of these oils are great for every member of the family — men and women alike.


Gifts, gifts, gifts for everyone!
Try buying beauty essentials in multipacks and creating gift baskets. Last holiday season we put together shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cleansing face wipes, toothbrushes and more
to create a trove of gifts people will really use. Try matching a shower pouf with a bottle of heavenly-scented shower gel and a candy cane to create a great gift for anyone on your list.
For those of us with multi-day holidays, putting together a gift that works on its own and as part of a set is a great idea. Try a shaving set for teen boys and men: start with a great razor or a pack of disposable razors. Then add a soothing shave gel or foam followed with a smoothing moisturizer, skin oil or even facial self-tan lotion. Finish off with a quality travel toiletry bag to keep everything together and you’ve got a thoughtful gift that will not get returned.

For those who love makeup, a set of quality makeup brushes, cleansing face wipes, some nourishing skin care products and even a beautiful terry cloth hair wrap can create a fantastic and memorable gift.

Think of pampering gifts for friends and family: a soft and warm pair of bedroom slippers, indulgent foot or body cream, bubble bath or bath bombs, and a smoothing body scrub. For those who may not be as agile, body scrubs can be used to smooth hands and when followed by a luxurious hand cream, make a fantastic one-two punch against dry winter skin.

Putting gifts together for the people who help you every day (daycare teachers, school teachers, health care providers and more) can be challenging. This is where creative gift building can come in handy. Lip treatments, mints, moisturizers with natural scents (nothing too strong), immune support supplements and a gift card for a favorite coffee shop or lunch make great holiday offerings.

Lastly, remember beauty starts from within. A quality blender, protein powder, a healthy cookbook and a daily multi-vitamin can be a great gift heading into the new year.

No matter how large or small, a gift is a symbol of love and gratitude. The most important quality of any gift is the thought behind it.

Alexis Arenas is a trained makeup artist who has spent nearly 20 years working in film, television, stage, fashion, event and print makeup artistry. Alexis specializes in all skin types and tones and is trained in tattoo and birthmark camouflage. She is the founder of The Beauty Expert Group and can be found online at