I take a prescription that’s pretty expensive, about $130 a month. I have insurance and a pretty high deductible, so I pay cash for my prescription every month.

One day in early February, I went to my doctor and asked for another prescription that might work the same because of the high cost of the one I am taking. My doctor said that what I am taking is the only drug in that class. He suggested I shop around because some pharmacies can have different prices on certain drugs.

Later that night, my husband and I went to Sam’s Club to renew our membership. I decided while we were there to check with the Pharmacy and see if the price was different. The Pharmacist looked it up and told me it is one of the medications on the Extra Value Drug List that is free for plus members.

I was thrilled! We went right back to the Member Services Desk and upgraded. Now, my $130 medication is free. It’s awesome! It’s a savings of greater than $1,500 a year and for me, that makes a big difference.

In fact, I am so excited about this medication being free, I keep a copy of the Extra Value Drug Listat my desk at work. I share it with my coworkers and friends and encourage everybody to look at it because this program can really help you.