Sams Club can help you kick the habit

Every Sams Club has a specially-trained Pharmacist to help you quit smoking. Get your free consultation today at any Pharmacy.

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking cold turkey, you know how hard it is. Your head aches. Youre irritable. You gain weight. You can’t sleep. But those miseries shouldnt keep you from quitting. Giving up smoking is essential to good long-term health, and you don’t have to quit cold turkey.

There are many smoking cessation products and resources that can help people who are committed to quitting. Use these in concert with your physician, pharmacist or other health care provider, since not all options are right for everyone. No product will help you if you are not committed to quitting. Discipline and determination are your best assets in beating your addiction to nicotine.

It’s never too late to quit, and when you do, you’ll see immediate improvements in your vitality, energy and quality of life.

Conquer the cravings. Many smokers have great success using skin patches, gum or lozenges that allow them to wean themselves off nicotine gradually by stepping down the dosage over time. These products are proven to be safe and effective, and they are usually reasonably priced. You will find many options at Sams Club.

Retrain your brain to just say no.
Several drugs on the market deactivate the brains nicotine receptors. Clinical research has shown some of these drugs to be quite effective in helping smokers lose their cravings. However, they can also affect brain chemistry and negatively impact mood or worsen depression symptoms. Ask your physician or pharmacist for more information about these medications.

Get fit while you quit. Numerous studies show that moderate exercise can help smokers stay off cigarettes, releasing pleasurable hormones to replace the rush smokers get when they light up. Exercise improves mood and prevents the weight gain that often accompanies quitting. Talk to a personal trainer at your gym about a workout strategy.

Think different. Quitting smoking can be fraught with anxiety and fear of failure. Cognitive-behavioral therapy with an addiction trained therapist has been shown to help smokers develop more confidence and deal with mood swings and irritability in positive ways. Check with your health insurance company to see if it covers psychological services and can recommend a therapist in your area.

Tim Vandehey is the executive editor of Healthy Living Made Simple.