On Nov. 11, 2013, my husband and I took our 17-year-old daughter Maggie to see Dr. Kaylie Dau, O.D. at Sams Club Optical Center on Lakeshore Parkway for her annual eye exam. After dilating Maggies eye, Dr. Dau found that she had extremely high optic nerve elevation, which means it was protruding from the optic disc in back of the eye. The cause of this could be developmental, related to eye shape or due to swelling of the optic nerve. Dr. Dau wanted her to be evaluated immediately for either Drusen Syndrome, which are abnormal deposits of protein accumulation in the optic disc, or Papilledema, which can be indicative of a brain tumor.

As you can imagine, we were surprised and scared by this news, but the staff at Sams Club Optical Center was quick to get her an appointment the next day with a neuro-ophthalmologist. During her examination, this specialist evaluated Maggie and confirmed Dr. Dau’s diagnosis of Drusen Syndrome. She was experiencing possible bleeding behind the eye, which was causing her sight to diminish.

As part of her treatment, Maggie has to undergo a grid test twice a week and be monitored a little more closely now for indications of peripheral vision loss, but that is the extent of her diagnosis at this time. Were thrilled to say that her progress is going well.

Our family is very grateful for Dr. Dau and her detailed exam that led to the immediate concern for our daughters eye health. My husband, both of our children and myself are all patients of Dr. Dau. We couldn’t be more pleased with her and the entire Sams Club Optical Center staff.