Approximately 36 million Americans have some sort of hearing loss.

 have suffered with hearing loss to an increasing degree for 15 years. Both my wife and our daughter are soft-spoken, and it became increasingly difficult to understand what they were saying to me. My hearing continued to decline to the point that I found it impossible to understand my grandchildren.

Then my wife and I walked into Sams Club in San Antonio, Texas, and saw that they had a Hearing Aid Center. Curious, we spoke with the licensed hearing instrument specialist, Lorin Gregory. With great patience, he explained the mechanics of hearing and what happens as it deteriorates. No one had ever taken the time to explain this to us before.

I made an appointment for a test. I had been tested before, but never with such detail and thoroughness. Afterward, Lorin showed me a graph of my results and gave me his assessment of my condition. He then brought out a pair of hearing aids that he believed would be appropriate for my particular hearing loss. He suggested that I put them in and that my wife and I walk around the Club and try them out.

Up to that point, the only way I could understand my wife was to have her in the same room with me, virtually face to face a source of irritation and frustration. But on that day, I told her to walk ahead of me and just talk so I could see if I could understand her. I could! When I told her that I could hear and understand her, even in the middle of a crowded warehouse, she had to struggle not to break down in tears.

We purchased the hearing aids, and then Lorin did something no other hearing-aid professional had ever done: He said he wanted to see me once a week for the next four weeks to follow-up on my status. Of all the hearing exams I have ever had, his was the most detailed, thorough and comprehensive. My hearing and more important, my understanding is so much better since he helped me. Thank you, Lorin.

Hearing Aid Centers are available in select Sams Club locations. To locate the nearest Hearing Aid Center, visit healthyliving/hearing.