The friendly and caring staff at Sams Club helped make a trying time a little easier for my family and me. My husband spent a long, hard five years battling cancer, and I am sad to say he left this life last June. During that time, we used the Sams Club Pharmacy in Overland Park, Kansas.

We first tried your Pharmacy because of the low prescription prices, but continued shopping there because of the marvelous staff. Due to my husbands serious and prolonged illness, we were using non-preferred drugs, which required us to pay a percentage of the drug cost. The pricing was considerably more affordable at Sams Club than other pharmacies in the area.

It did not take us long to recognize the excellent customer service provided by Sams Club Pharmacy Manager Melissa Sullivan and her staff. Putting aside the excellent prices, that attention made our choice to have all prescriptions filled there an easy one.

I can’t praise Melissa enough for everything that she did. I could call with questions, and she was happy to answer them. I never got the impression that she or her staff were too busy to assist. I trusted Melissa’s knowledge and advice on the medicine. They were always willing to order any medications that were not in stock or too low in quantity to fill. My husband and I could walk up to the counter and Melissa would recognize our faces. I think she even had his date of birth memorized. Melissa was always quick to ask how things were going, and I could sense the genuine concern and sympathy she had.

My husband and I had 20+ years of service in retail, and I am currently the owner of our small business, so we were aware of service levels and the difficulty in finding the right people to provide that service. The Sams Club staff and Melissa Sullivan exceed any and all expectations. In my eyes she is Pharmacist of the year.

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