I recently moved to Pennsylvania from New York and began shopping at Sams Club every weekend for my groceries. On Saturday, Aug. 10, I went to Sams Club with a few of my girlfriends to shop. They were having an in-store health screening event that tested blood pressure, glucose levels, eyesight, hearing, etc. A nurse approached us and asked if we wanted to get our blood pressure checked. We decided we might as well.

The nurse ran the blood pressure test on me and it came out as 252 over 155. She immediately checked it again and was about to call the ambulance. I was feeling fine, and I decided to forgo the ambulance and head home. In reality, I was on the verge of having a heart attack at that very moment.

A friend of mine is a nurse, so I contacted her and she came over to run one more test. She then took me to the emergency room, and they asked why I hadn’t come sooner. If it weren’t for the Sams Club health screenings, I probably wouldn’t be alive. I now know why they call heart attacks the silent killer. I was feeling perfectly fine that day and wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for that test. There should be more health screenings like this available!

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