My wife and I have been getting our prescriptions filled at Sams Club since before the Chino, California Sams Club location opened. There are lots of pharmacies in our area, but as far as knowledge, friendliness and just helping you out, they beat the others hands down. I was in retail for a number of years, and I consider them top notch their customer service is just outstanding.

Recently my wife Jackie, who is allergic to aspirin and codeine, came down with a toothache that became infected. We ended up going to an urgent care facility in the area to get it checked out. The doctor prescribed her some medication to deal with the pain and it was called into Sams Club to get filled.

The pharmacy manager, Lisa Ngo, always double-checks our prescriptions when they are called into Sams Club. She noticed the medication contained codeine. Lisa told us that Jackie couldn’t take it, let us know she would call the doctor for a replacement medicine and ended up getting a prescription my wife could take safely.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been a great help to us and focused on us as individuals. I’ve dropped off some prescriptions for myself that Lisa has called on and had the doctor change for one reason or another. If she wasn’t paying such great attention, they would not have been fixed. That’s the reason we keep coming back.

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