Award-winning host and comedian Sherri Shepherd shares her story about how a life-changing illness inspired her to change her diet and transform herself in our September/October cover story. She shared some of her tips on how she manages her Type 2 diabetes and keeps herself healthy and active:

Q. What are some of your favorite food items that help manage your sugar sensitivity?

A. Some of my favorite food items that help me manage my sugar sensitivity are apples and almond butter; blueberries and raspberries, both in my oatmeal.

Q. What are some ways you make exercising fun to help keep you on track?

A. I love to dance. Salsa, West-Coast Swing and the Jive make exercising fun for me.

Q. When you don’t have time to prepare a meal, what is your go-to healthy snack?

A. My go-to healthy snack is grilled chicken and apples and almond butter.

Q. How do you stay motivated to workout?

A. I do things I really like. Just started taking tennis lessons. I go to salsa clubs whenever I can and I never get off the floor.

Q. What advice would you share with our readers who may want to embrace a healthier lifestyle including starting a fitness regimen?

A. Make small changes every day so it’s not so overwhelming. If you’re addicted to soda, for every soda you drink, down two glasses of water (four cans of soda = eight glasses of water per day) while decreasing your soda intake. If you go to fast-food restaurants, try to put a salad with everything you order. Don’t supersize. Throw away half the fries and get a salad. Instead of the milk chocolate, I like to save a dark piece of chocolate with some raspberries at night. Small changes made and you’ll look up in a year and see big results.