Spring clean your body

Spring is the traditional season for cleaning out your home. Maybe it’s time to clean on an even more personal level. Use these spring months to detoxify your body and head into the summer refreshed and ready for fun.

Eat more organics

The cleaner the food, the better, and organics are a good place to start. Check labels and look for products that are approved as USDA organic.

Drink plenty of water

Make water your drink of choice, drink it often and let it do its job. Water flushes your system naturally and, if drunk on a regular basis, can help you have cleaner skin, better internal organ function and improved digestion. So drink up.

Eat more natural fiber

Digestive tracts have a hard time letting go, so introduce a little natural  ber (beans, whole grains, brown rice, nuts, crisp vegetables, berries) into your diet. There are also good, natural supplements available. Just remember to start slow.

Add probiotics

Whether it’s through yogurt or supplements, adding probiotics to your daily routine is a great way to help rid your digestive system of bad bacteria.

Morning eyes

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, often taking on a puffy appearance in the mornings. Sodium and alcohol encourage swelling and can be one of the reasons for bags and puffiness under the eyes. Cut back on salty foods and minimize alcohol consumption in the evenings. Also, try applying cold compress or washing your face with ice cold water before you get ready in the morning.

Beauty sleep

The experts agree, if you want healthy, young-looking skin you need to get at least seven hours of good sleep. As you sleep, the body produces collagen – the protein that keeps skin strong and elastic. Because blood flow to your skin increases late at night, the creams and lotions you use then will absorb more efficiently. Your body also rehydrates when you sleep, making fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Long-lasting lips

Tired of reapplying your lip color throughout the day? Use this powder tip for longer-lasting color. After applying your chosen lip color, place a tissue over your mouth. Then dust translucent powder over the tissue to help set your color. The powder helps create a bold shade, helps make the color long-wearing and protects the lipstick from lightening and losing vibrancy.