Break the biting habit

Once the nail-biting habit starts, it can be difficult to kick. With extreme cases of debilitating nail biting, the American Psychiatric Association classifies it as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are worried about your nail-biting habit, ask your doctor about what can be done to break the compulsion. Casual biters who would like to quit can try one of these helpful tips:

  1. Wear acrylic nails for a while
  2. Paint your nails with bitter-tasting nail polish
  3. Occupy your mouth with chewing gum or mints
  4. Keep nails trimmed or manicured

Warding off winter

With winter comes brutally cold wind and dry air, heralding the onset of dried-out, scaly skin. But did you know that heating your home during winter can also parch your skin? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a humidifier during the cold months to add moisture to the indoor air. This can help with skin itching and flaking. Just be sure to keep your humidifier clean to stave off bacteria and fungi. Drain any remaining water after each use, and clean it with diluted bleach or peroxide every three days.

Beauty Rest

In a recent study reported in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, it was found that patients who were treated for obstructive sleep apnea using positive airway pressure appeared more youthful, more attractive and more alert. This was the first formal study to test anecdotal observations by clinicians and sleep apnea patients that their appearance improved after adhering to treatment. Subjectively, when undisclosed before and after photos were viewed by a third-party group, the after photo was consistently rated as appearing more alert. Using a 3D clinical photo device, called photogrammetry, doctors were able to record changes in patients faces over a period of time while using their sleep apnea treatment. The authors of the study are hopeful that facial appearance will improve in sleep apnea patients who stick with their treatment


Mascara makeover

Old makeup can present a problem, and even a health hazard, if used past the expiration date. However, there are some tools that can be recycled for other beauty purposes. Before you throw away your old mascara, take out the wand and gently wash it with soap and water. Then spray a small amount of hairspray onto the brush and swipe it through your eyebrows. This helps your eyebrows keep their shape and finds a new use for old tools.