Hairstyles that fit your face

Beauty expert Julyne Derrick says no matter your face shape, there is a hairstyle that will always look best on you, and a few that won’t.

Round faces
Long hair is one of the best cuts for this face type, with the ends falling a few inches below the chin. This style helps elongate the face. Also, side-swept bangs help create angles, and gentle waves in the hair style help deflect the roundness of the face.

Square faces
Go with a long, long, long cut or a long bob! Both are great for a square face. Make sure the bob is soft and layered, and that the long cut is soft with waves, curls and the right style of bangs.

Heart-shaped faces
From shoulder-length bobs, long waves and even shorter hair, one constant for this face shape is sideswept bangs.

Oval faces
You can wear almost any hairstyle with this face shape. Whatever style you use, make sure it layers with the features of your face you want to accentuate: cheekbones, lips or chin.

Long faces
Shoulder-length cuts with slight waves and bangs help create width.

Summer Skin Care Tips

The humidity is high, temperatures are hot and the sun is intense, so it’s time to change your skin care routine.

Try a lighter moisturizer
From June to August winter moisturizers may be too heavy.

Exfoliate more
Because summer skin is usually more hydrated, it usually can handle more exfoliation without getting irritated.

Keep makeup light and multipurpose
Try adding sunscreen powder to your makeup routine. The powder can keep your skin from appearing oily.

Ease up on the pressure

Guys, take it easy on your next shave. According to the International Dermal Institute, applying too much pressure during shaving removes skin cells, which results in increased friction that can cause razor burn. Keep these tips in mind for your next shave.

  • Wash your face beforehand
  • Keep your skin warm
  • Use a brush to apply shaving cream in order to lift hair and allow the product to better penetrate the skin
  • Let the face-lather sit for a couple of minutes
  • Go with the grain of your whiskers

Negative Space Nails

Create a unique manicure without going overboard on glitter and nail art. Use a thin nail art brush, your favorite colors and a little imagination to create fun designs. Or, tape off a graphic or geometric pattern on the nail bed. Cover the nail with your chosen polish, then after it dries, remove the tape and cover the nail again with a clear gloss.