Want silkier hair?
Sleep on it!

For healthier hair, consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk is smoother and finer than cotton fibers, helping to reduce friction that can damage or even tear follicles as your hair rubs against your pillowcase throughout the night.

Slowing Unwanted Hair

Are there areas of your body where you wish you could slow down hair growth? A study published by the National Institute of Health found that drinking soy milk can potentially reduce the rate of hair growth and decrease the size of the hair shaft.


Cleaning up your talk

A typical cellphone easily gathers dirt and bacteria, which can then be transferred to your face during use and bring about acne around your chin and mouth. Doctors recommend cleaning your phone daily with an alcohol swab or antibacterial wipe to avoid breakouts.

Beat the Bloat

Bloating can be a scary scenario for swimsuit season. Water retention can occur during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, as a result of a diet and sometimes for no reason at all. Consider these tips that might help reduce bloating:

Cut back on salt and gassy foodsEliminate high-sodium foods that can contribute to swelling. Certain foods like beans, broccoli and carbonated beverages create more gas within your body, which can also contribute to bloating.

Go for a walkExercise could aid in reducing bloating in your ankles and legs.

Stay hydratedDehydration can cause your body to store fluids, so drinking appropriate amounts of water can actually reduce retention when youre dehydrated