Lipstick effect

Lipstick has a history of being used as a quick mood enhancer dating back to the Great Depression. Beauty products and lipstick in particular have traditionally seen an increase in sales during rough economic periods, according to a study from Northeastern University. The rationale behind the connection is that people sensing economic pressure will still want to feel and look good, and that leads them to buy small, inexpensive cosmetic products like lipstick.

Mother’s Day gift guide

Mothers Day is always an important time to show mom how much she is appreciated. According to a Harris Interactive survey, the gifts most wished for on Mothers Day include:

1. Spa Day (massage, facial, etc.)

2. Flowers

3. Jewelry

4. Tablet/Smartphone

Q: Do regular hair trims help hair grow faster?

A: No, cutting the end of your hair does not affect its growth rate. Hair typically grows at a steady rate, but overall health and diet are the two factors that make the biggest difference.

Soaking up the sun

The UV Index numbers, created by the EPA and National Weather Service, indicate predicted UV exposure levels throughout the day. When you see your local weather report, take special precaution to protect your skin when the UV Index reaches levels of moderate or higher.

Staying sweet-smelling

Oily skin binds and holds more scent than dry skin. Therefore, those with dry skin should apply a complementary lotion or cream to moisturize your skin prior to using a scent. And if you’re getting out of a shower or bath, apply immediately so that pores can absorb the scent.