Bracket barkers

When it comes to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, dogs have taken the top billing in the pet rankings. Over the last 10 years, the championship matchup has featured four teams with dog mascots, three with birds (all Kansas) and two with cats.

Q: What has four legs and 24 toes?

A: The Norwegian Lundehund, a rare breed of dog that naturally has six toes on each foot. According to the American Kennel Club, they’re the only breed of dog with that many toes. Norwegian Lundehunds faced near extinction in the mid-1900’s, and different sources estimate between 1,500-2,000 exist today worldwide.

Here kitty, kitty

Topping the list of the most popular names of cats born in 2012 were Bella (female) and Max (male). Kitty, meanwhile, was a top 10 name for both male and female kittens.

Long in the tooth

A guinea pigs teeth never stop growing, so pet guinea pigs need chewable toys that can simulate the gnawing and grinding that occurs naturally when they’re in the wild. If a guinea pigs teeth get too long, they may develop serious health problems and have trouble eating.

Canine Assistants Tips of the Month

Click for a happier companion animal

It’s important for your pets development that you find a way to mark behaviors you want your pets to repeat. Try using a clicker or making a clicking noise with your tongue as your marker. Follow each click immediately with a treat and soon your pet will know just what you want!

Treat me right

Treats let your companion animals know that you’re pleased with them and also good care providers.
Knowing your pets favorite treats in order of preference allows the reward to fit the circumstances. And remember that treats have calories, so use small amounts and adjust daily rations if necessary.