In the July/August issue we heard wonderful toddler stories from our readers. I wanted to share a sweet story from our little one too!

It was bedtime for our 18-month-old. And like most parents we were struggling to keep the little one in her crib in her room. This night in particular, we probably went too far in our attempts to comfort her. We read a couple of short stories and played a little soothing music under the soft glow of a night light.

The fussing had stopped and we figured we were in the clear. There was no crying. No talking. No tossing of stuffed animals. We had silence. Beautiful, peaceful silence.

My wife tiptoed down the hall to take one last listen before we headed off to bed ourselves. She crept back into the living room with a big smile and a look of relief. We have sleep!

Before we could make it to our bedroom door we heard it – a loud thud coming from our daughter’s room. This was no stuffed animal thud, this was a toddler thud.

In the time it took us to turn on our heels and walk halfway across the living room, our 18-month-old came around the corner with a somewhat puzzled smile on her face and said the cutest phrase we’d ever heard. “I fallee bed!”

My wife scooped her up and hurriedly checked her for booboos. Once it was established there were indeed no booboos, we all had a nice laugh and realized that maybe it was time to move her out of the crib and into a toddler bed.