These Halloween-themed snacks are so tasty and good for you, it’s scary.

It’s the end of October, which means sugar intake is likely to skyrocket as we’re almost upon the infamous candy holiday. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or you’re just trying to swap out a few sugary treats at home, these snacks are sure to embrace the spirited theme while providing healthier alternatives to candy.

Ants on a log

We’re taking this classic snack and spookifying it, because I can’t think of anything that would be more terrifying than almost eating an ant – or a spider in this case. Take celery sticks and coat with peanut butter. Then, place raisins atop the peanut butter and finish it off with fake toy spiders on the snacks.  *Consider choking risks of plastic spiders (nonfood item) on food with children

Boo-nana pops

Take a peeled banana and chop off just an inch or so, to give a flat end to the banana. Insert a wooden craft stick through the center of the banana from the flat side. Next, coat the banana in your favorite flavored Greek yogurt.Then position two dark chocolate chips near one end of the yogurt-covered banana to look like eyes. Place the ghost-looking fruit on a plate covered in parchment paper and freeze.

Dreadful drinks

There are a few ways you could go about giving your potions a twist. You could top off any drink with vampire teeth dangling on a straw, or freeze fake toy spiders in an ice tray of water to get a spine-chilling reaction. Or, for a beverage in larger quantities, fill up a plastic glove suitable for food use with water, tie the end closed and freeze, then place in a punch bowl to give an eerie look. *Consider choking risks with plastic spiders when ice melts.


Simply take a clear plastic cup and draw a Frankenstein face and hairline around the cup. Then place green grapes inside and enjoy.

Guaca-witch dip

This perfect party pleaser is great for any occasion. Take fresh guacamole and situate it in an oblong circle or triangular shape on a serving tray. Then, position purple tortilla chips above the guacamole to resemble a witch’s hat. Add carrots around the top portion of the face to look like hair, and add veggies over the guacamole to look like a witch’s face.

Halloween hand

Start with disposable food prep gloves, but make sure they’re not coated in a non-stick powder on the inside. Put one piece of candy corn at the bottom of each fingertip to give it the appearance of a fingernail. Then, fill the glove with your favorite popcorn snack – mine is Annie’s White Cheddar popcorn – and tie the bag shut. To finish the festive hand, add a spider ring around one of the fingers and serve on a plate.


All you need is an orange-colored citrus and a permanent marker. Then put your artistic abilities to work and draw different Jack-o’-lantern faces on the peel of an orange or clementine.

R.I.P. sammie ­

Everyone loves a good sandwich, or shall I say “sammie” as my nieces call it. Whether it’s PB&J or meat and cheese, cut the sandwich in the shape of a coffin. If your kiddos like mustard, spell “R.I.P.” on top of the sandwich for an added grim touch.

Spooky strings

Similar to the Jack-O’-orange, you’ll need a permanent marker for this food craft. Draw two eyes and a mouth around the wrapper of string cheese. The ghost snack is sure to give quite a fright.


What better way to encourage your kids eat their vegetables than with a skeleton shape? Use a bowl of dip for the head and toss a few small veggies in the dip for the eyes. Next, arrange bell peppers for the rib cage. Then add the limbs with a mixture of carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes.

Save the sweets for the streets when you’re trick-or-treating, and serve your wholesome goodies with a joke: Did you hear what the skeleton said to his friend? Bone appetit! Please enjoy these Halloween treats.