It’s not too late to plan a fun and affordable spring break the whole family can enjoy. Many times, the ideal destination is just a short drive away.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your time and budget:

Go camping: It’s a lot of fun and a great way to unplug from the TV and your troubles. Even if you’re not the most experienced campers, many locations offer cabins that have some of the basic comforts of home: a kitchen and the ever-important bathroom.

Visit a zoo or museum: More than likely, a zoo, museum or aquarium is within driving distance from wherever you live. Do a little research before you go and find some other attractions in the area to take advantage of during your visit.

Parks and nature centers: If weather allows, spend the day at a park you haven’t visited in a while. In our region, there are several parks spread across four-city area and we’ll spend the weekend “park hopping” from each location. Don’t forget your picnic basket.

Create a garden: Get outside, get dirty and get everybody involved. There’s great satisfaction in creating your own garden and then enjoying the fruits of your labor when the whole thing comes to life.

Go to a ball game: High school, college and some minor league baseball teams will likely be playing during the break. Most minor league parks make the games a good time for the whole family.

Start a household project: If the weather is hindering your outdoor fun, maybe it’s time get the family involved in a project. If a room needs painting, give the kids a wall of their own. Tape off the important parts then let them have fun. Just be sure to leave enough paint to touch it up when they’re done.

Board game tournament: Dig out a few of your old favorites or find new ones and spend some quality time competing against your loved ones.

Create your own film festival: Let each member pick a movie, get tons of popcorn, drinks and your favorite snacks, relax and enjoy the show. Have everyone give a short speech about why they chose their movie and after the screening, talk about what you just watched.