Spring is a time for beginnings, and that’s happening here at Sam’s Club as well. The longtime leader of this magazine, Jill Turner-Mitchael, is retiring to spend more time with her family. We appreciate all she has done to make the magazine a success and are excited to continue the journey toward good health she started with Healthy Living Made Simple.

I look forward to continuing our tradition of providing valuable health and wellness information for our members. What follows in this edition are examples of the kind of stories you’ve come to expect in our pages.

We’re excited to present screenwriter, actress and producer Nia Vardalos as our cover feature this month. Vardalos’ story is one of hard work and believing in herself, which she did as she made the hit film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You’ll believe in her, too.

It’s also the time of year for seasonal allergies. In this issue, we look at different types and symptoms, and we listen to an in-club professional describe how allergies can be treated.

Our trusted resource for early childhood development, Dr. Bill Sears, is back to discuss what he calls “nutrition deficit disorder,” or NDD. NDD explains a host of children’s growth and behavioral problems, and Dr. Sears walks us through what we can do when we suspect the condition.

Just like Jill, I want to hear from you. We value your input and welcome your feedback and suggestions for the topics you’d like covered in Healthy Living Made Simple. Email us at hlms@samsclub.com or contact us through social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or on HLMS.com.

David Badeen
Registered Pharmacist, Vice President of Health Care

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Thank you for reading


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time leading Healthy Living Made Simple magazine. I am proud the publication continues to serve as a resource for members on their personal wellness journey. While my journey now includes spending more time at home with my family, I will continue to read Healthy Living Made Simple and watch it serve a helpful role for our members.


To your continued health,