Now that summer is in full swing and the Fourth of July is near, it’s time to prep a red, white and blue dish that will be sure to get a firework cheer. This Independence Day, try one of these healthy star-spangled snacks to show off your American pride. They’ll go great with any barbecue.

Fruit ice cubes

Place blueberries, raspberries or cut strawberries in ice cube trays, and fill with water and freeze. Then, enjoy the fruit-flavored ice cubes in water, lemonade, tea or punch for a refreshing and colorful summer drink.

Red, white and blue salad

Grab the lettuce, feta cheese, blueberries and strawberries. Mix it all together for a colorful salad, and top with your favorite vinaigrette.

Sparkler skewer

This skewer is made of watermelon and blueberries. Add extra pizazz for this festive snack with a star-shaped cookie cutter. If you don’t have a cookie cutter and you’re feeling really crafty, try cutting the watermelon into the shape of a star. Place the blueberries on the skewer, and top it off with the watermelon star. If you don’t have skewers handy, just place in a bowl with some raspberries and fresh mint.

Firecracker ice pop

You’ll need an ice pop mold, coconut water, and red and blue fruit. Pour the coconut water into the mold and add fruit. Place in freezer, then enjoy a healthy frozen treat. It’s so good, the kids won’t even know it’s not a sugar-packed snack.

Life hack: Try disposable paper cups with wooden craft sticks if you don’t have an ice pop mold.

American flag veggies

This vegetable tray will be arranged to look like the American flag. Wash and cut cauliflower, radishes, red peppers and cherry tomatoes. If you want more white vegetables, peel a cucumber and mix with the cauliflower; it’s close enough. Then, arrange the vegetables in red and white stripes on a tray leaving room for the dip in the top left corner. Place vegetable dip in a blue plastic container and position in the location of the stars on the American flag.

Life hack: Try adding ranch seasoning to plain Greek yogurt for a healthier dip substitute.

When prepping the red, white and blue snacks, remember to wash all produce before creating your masterpiece.

If you’re celebrating with a cookout or barbecue, accompany any of these healthy snacks with our teriyaki kabobs for a full meal. Now you’re ready to hit the Fourth of July celebration in style!