Grooming expert Michelle Harvey details the do’s and don’ts to help men look their best.

We are fast approaching the first days of summer. Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year. Long, hot days and warm nights make me a very happy woman. I love to see a well-groomed man in shorts and a tank top with a bit of a summer tan — nothing better.

If the idea of sprucing, cleaning up or grooming yourself hasn’t yet occurred to you, this article is for you. Actually this article is for every man out there. In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more accepted, and expected, for all men to take better care of their overall appearance. This includes everything on you from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet.

Facial hair

Keeping your facial hair groomed is a huge game changer. This detail, again, gives the impression of a well-groomed man. No one expects you guys to be perfectly shaven or have your facial hair page 36-1perfectly detailed every day. However, going weeks without detailing or trimming your facial hair, in my opinion, is just lazy.

Depending on your style, you must groom it accordingly. If you have a beard, ranging from a 5-o’clock shadow to a mountain man beard, you should detail your cheeks and your neck underneath every week. This means a defined line from your sideburns down your cheeks ending by the corners of your mouth. Your barber should do this for you after your haircut. You can then follow their lines once a week in between barber visits. The line underneath should start below your earlobes at the bottom of your jawline. This line should lie in the crease made when you bow your chin down to your chest. The two points should meet in the middle.


Swimming, both in pools and the ocean, is not the best for your hair. After swimming, make sure topage36 - 2 rinse off with fresh water. This will help to keep your hair in great summer shape. Wash your hair every two days. Any more time in between washes will make for smelly, oily hair. Also, using too much or too little of your hair product isn’t good grooming. To appear well groomed, use just enough product to control and de ne your hair — nothing more, nothing less.

Lastly, keep your hair freshly cut. Having a defined haircut instantly gives the illusion of being well groomed. This means visiting your barber every two to four weeks.

Eyebrowspage 36-3

Find me a man who looks good with a unibrow and I’ll find you a unicorn. The easiest solution for this is to have your barber trim you once a month. Don’t accentuate the arch of your brow — stick with a thicker but trimmed brow.

Nose & ears

Nose and ear hair — get rid of it! Your barber can easily take care of this problem at every visitpage36 - 4. There are also great, affordable trimmers for just this purpose.

I’m the first person to advocate enjoying every ounce of summer. I hope some of these tips will help you to enjoy yours. And one final tip: Get enough sleep. It’s the cornerstone to all health.

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