More than 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 years old every day. This growth in the aging population has directly led to an increased number of our members caring for loved ones in their homes. At Sam’s Club, we are here to be an ally for our members. To help address the needs of this population, we have developed a new program for Family Caregivers.

There is so much information and so many products on the market — from personal cleaning, nutrition and mobility, to disease-state management — that choosing among them can feel overwhelming for many caregivers. For example, a simple online search for wheelchairs yields millions of results. Another complexity is the products span traditional merchandise categories, which makes it difficult for a single buyer or category to curate a full assortment. Understanding these barriers, we decided to create an entirely new buying category to accommodate the many needs family caregivers encounter.

At you will find our buyers putting the same kind of “lens” on caregiving products that our buyers put on the rest of the merchandise in Sam’s Club — highly curated and intuitive. Simply put, it’s another in the long list of benefits for being a Sam’s Club member.

Our members will find a new approach to how products are categorized in this space, based on physiological, biomechanical and environmental need states.

Our goal is for members to instantly recognize the need state and the solutions for those conditions, allowing them to make informed purchases as quickly as possible. Then after they find the products they need, have those products delivered to their homes or, for frequently purchased items, schedule regular delivery. For added convenience, loved ones’ prescriptions can be managed online, too. Using our Club Pickup program, many of the products can be ordered online and picked up in-club the next day.



Throughout this process we have collaborated with industry experts across different organizations and nonprofits. Caregiver Action Network has provided with helpful information and has shared invaluable insights about caregiving. Several of our supplier partners have also joined with us to provide manufacturing and distribution expertise.

We appreciate the hard work and love that goes into family caregiving. This category is here to provide some help and show appreciation for caregivers.

Tell us what you think about the new Family Caregiving products by writing to us at

Mitchell Jenkins, Ph.D., is a Senior Manager of Strategy and Business Development within the Health and Wellness Division of Sam’s Club. He leads the Healthy Living Made Simple program and is tasked with building new programs that help members live healthier lives. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas and has been with Sam’s Club for four years.