Pool season is upon us, and it doesn’t matter if you swim like a fish or sink like a stone, it’s always good to get a refresher on water safety. Use these tips and reminders to safely enjoy your time in the water:

At the pool

  • Never leave children alone in the pool area
  • Enclose pool/spa area with a self-closing/self-locking gate, and fencing at least 5 feet tall
  • Empty all wading/inflatable pools after use
  • Learn CPR and/or infant CPR
  • Make sure everyone using your pool can swim. For those who can’t, make sure they are using an age-appropriate life jacket.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours

Around the home

  • Never leave a child alone near water, including bathtubs, sinks and toilets
  • Even with a safety ring around your toddler, do not leave them alone in a bathtub
  • Empty all buckets and containers immediately after use
  • Use toilet locks

Open water

  • Don’t leave children alone. Make sure they swim with a friend or family member.
  • Only swim in designated areas
  • Check depth before jumping and diving
  • Make sure everyone on the water is wearing an age-appropriate life jacket
  • In oceans and rivers, be aware of currents and undertows