Studies show how important it is for your health that you plan a vacation and get away from it all.

It’s good to get away — both for your mental and physical health. A recent study by the U.S. Travel Association Project showed four in 10 people do not use all their vacation days for fear of work not getting done or because they feel no one else can do their job. The study also showed that many who did take a vacation ended up working a little each day they were on break.

Here are a few ways stepping away from work and relaxing with family and friends positively impacts your health:

Heart health: A study by the University of Massachusetts- Amherst showed that middle-aged men at a high risk for coronary heart disease who vacationed regularly had a lower risk of mortality than those who didn’t.

Mental health: The Wisconsin Medical Journal published a study that showed women who took vacations were less likely to become tense, depressed or tired. They experienced significant increases in quality of life, work performance, and strengthened family and social relationships.

Life satisfaction: The positive impacts of your vacation can last well beyond your scheduled trip, according to research by the University of Tennessee. If the vacation was very relaxing, the feelings of increased well-being lasted for up to eight weeks.

Productivity: Stress negatively affects a businesses’ bottom line. Work-related stress creates burnout and decreased productivity along with poor mental and physical health, creating up to $190 billion a year in health care costs. Several studies have shown that employees who took frequent vacations were more likely to stay with their current employers. Those same employees also experienced better year-end evaluations from their employers.

According to statistics from the U.S. Travel Association and Harris Interactive, as much as 51 percent of the workforce in America do not take a vacation. Of those that do, 61 percent actually work during their vacation.

As we head into the spring months, now is the perfect time to book your summer getaway.

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Vacation Days

Average number of days off employees have across the globe

Italy 42
France 37
Brazil 34
United Kingdom 28
Canada 26
Japan 25
USA 13