Terrific or terrible 2s? Had I been answering that when my daughter was still that age, I may have sided with the latter. But looking back on that time period, I remember them as an amazing time of discovery.

Every day I looked forward to getting home from work to see or hear the latest thing she had learned. My wife and I loved taking her new places to witness her eyes light up at each new sight – not to mention the questions that poured out of the backseat on the way home.

One of my favorite parts of that time was how she would pick up on something she heard, and then try to figure out how to plug that into conversation. A few days after one of her first trips to a pizza and arcade center, she saw my wife on the scale. Wanting to be just like Mom, she then took her turn, proclaiming, “Holy moly, look how many points I got!”

Sure, there were plenty of fits, growing pains and illnesses that I’ve managed to block out of my memory. Yes, there were times in public where I was on edge begging to not be embarrassed. But the fond memories far outweigh the bad. For any new parents getting ready for the toddler experience, I offer the following advice: First, cater to your toddler’s growing independence by allowing her to make limited choices. Also, lay down consistent ground rules, offer encouragement and have plenty of patience.

It truly is an amazing time to watch a child develop. Even during the rough patches, try to find the positive of the moment and enjoy every minute of it – because as the adage goes, time flies…