My roommate, Tim, and I had just relocated to the West Mifflin, Pa., area to share an apartment. We do not have health insurance and were driving about 40 miles each way to our old pharmacy in order to fill our prescriptions. This pharmacy had the best prices in town and would match any competitor. Tim’s medication was $67 for a 10-day supply, plus the $20 we were spending in gas during the drive.

A friend had suggested we look into using a Sams Club Pharmacy because of the reasonable prices. We found a Sams Club within five minutes of our new apartment, then visited the club and spoke both with the Pharmacy Technician, Michelle, and the Pharmacy Manager, Cindy. They filled Tim’s prescription and told me the price would be $20 for the entire month. I was completely shocked.

I gave them the list of his other medications and they priced each one for a month, as well as for a 90-day supply. Cindy and Michelle also wrote down the prices for my medications. It was half of what I was previously paying. They informed me the Sams Club Plus Membership would offer additional savings of $500 every three months, not to mention all the gas money we wouldn’t be spending.

We signed up for the $100 yearly membership that day. I left in tears because of how kind they were to us. The money we save with the membership is unreal. We also started buying our groceries there each week.

The courtesy you receive at Sams Club is fantastic. The team is intelligent and knowledgeable in their profession. I can’t say a bad thing the prices and service are outstanding.