One thing in life that most of us can agree on is that what we see advertised usually ends up falling short of the real deal. In health care, the consumers that are affected the most by these situations are the caregivers trying to help those that are ill. I am a caregiver. My story begins with my life partner discovering he had hereditary heart and kidney problems. Almost overnight our world turned upside down.

There were numerous surgeries, procedures, doctor appointments and medications. I became concerned with correctly distributing the meds. I read all the dispensing directions but something was wrong. My partner was a walking zombie. Normal life, as we knew it, had ended. Even conversations were interrupted by him passing out.

I addressed these issues with his doctors but was informed all medications were essential for his life. Each doctor designed a dispensing program for administering them but none were successful. I knew something had to be done dispensing pills started at 8 a.m. and didn’t end until 3 a.m. This was no way to live.

Finally, I called my Sams Club Pharmacist, Randy Lamberti. He and his staff had served us for many years and I trusted his expertise. My frustration must have been apparent when I met with him, as he quickly assured me that they would do their best to help. Over the next two days the entire Pharmacy staff researched cross-reactions for all 18 medications. They provided me with a dispensing program, within doctors orders, but designed to avoid side effects. Mr. Lamberti sat down with me to thoroughly explain the new regimen.

The next day things improved! Now, my partner is awake and alert during the day, and our lives have normalcy! We are grateful beyond words for the compassion demonstrated to us in our time of need. These individuals changed our lives. It truly was a selfless act of caring. The next time you are at the San Antonio #8262 Sams Club Pharmacy and they greet you with, How may we help you?, please know, they will not fall short of the real deal.

By Derek Berlin, San Antonio, TX, Member since February 2004

Roll Call: Members share the love

Readers have filled our inbox with stories about how loyal they’ve become to Members Mark Bath Tissue following the story of how it was created in the May/June edition of HLMS. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

While shopping for our camping trip, a friend told us to try a different bath tissue. We
went with her opinion and took the other brand on our trip. We ended up using this brand for fire starters! We immediately went back to the club to purchase our beloved, best ever, Members Mark Bath Tissue!

-Krissa Pecunes, Sams Club member

Family tradition: member feedback

In our September/October issue we asked you to share your family traditions. Thank you for the tips you shared. Here is one of our favorites:

The day after Thanksgiving is “Puzzle Day” at our house. My extended family (which means close friends too!) spends the day Black Friday shopping, decorating or whatever it is they love to do but come late afternoon we gather to start a puzzle! This Kick off of the Holiday day gets all of us to slow down and remember what the holiday season is all about….family! We keep a new puzzle going past the new year….anyone who comes over knows the puzzle will be there to gather around and chat and eat something too!

Angela Dolliver
Rush, NY

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