Areas on your body that need extra attention are best served by regular exercise.

We all have personal trouble zones when it comes to our bodies and exercise. Of course, the best way to tackle this problem is through diet and exercise, but there are certain areas each of us have that might need special attention.

Although trouble spot-reduction is a misconception, excess fat can build up in these trouble zones and specific exercises targeting these areas can have a positive effect. By building up muscle under those deposits, you can tighten and tone that area, improving how you look and feel.

Trouble zones can vary greatly between women. Different approaches and programs to tackle these zones can also vary greatly. Whatever program you decide to pursue, it needs to fit into your work/life balance. Your chances for success with any program increase the more seamlessly it fits into your overall lifestyle.

Fitness fads come and go, and many of the popular trends may not be for you. The main key to fitness success depends on the consistency of your workouts. Build an exercise routine into your schedule, then stick to it. Treat it like a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting.

Please consult your primary care physician before starting a fitness program. Your doctor may be able to help customize your fitness routine, improving your overall health without adding injury or medical complications.

Consider your overall fitness

If you are new to exercise, take things slowly. Be sure to stretch and incorporate cardio to help warm up your body and prevent injury. Remember, the more work you put into your fitness, the better the results. Start with a simple 30-minute workout, four to five days a week.

Manage your calories

It sounds pretty simple: lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. That’s easier said than done, especially if you have a high-sugar, high-saturated fat diet. Start by increasing your water intake and reducing your sugar and unhealthy fats. With proper diet and exercise, you could experience one to three pounds of healthy weight loss per week.

Consider your schedule and lifestyle

Bring your workout clothes with you to work so you can stop at the gym on the way home. Research shows that you will be less inclined to exercise if you go home first after you get off work. If you work from home, look for easy, local exercise solutions (exercise partner, local gym, long walks).

Know your problem areas

Choose exercises that target the areas giving you the most concern. Make sure that you continue to exercise those larger muscle groups (legs, chest) to help your body burn greater numbers of calories. Putting specific focus on those problem areas will give your workouts a little more purpose and help you reach your goals.

I have some specific workouts on for specific problem-areas you can do at home or work.

Anthony Parish, Ph.D., is a professor of Kinesiology at Armstrong State University with over 25 years working as a personal trainer and is a former competitive bodybuilder. He has published multiple articles and the book, Case Studies in Coaching.