Cake: Now that’s what we call see food

Hungry people see food-related words more clearly than people who have eaten, according to a study published in the journal Psychological Science. A group of students viewed a series of words flashed in front of them for 1/300 of a second. Those who had not been allowed to eat saw food-related terms, such as cake, more clearly. The researchers speculate that the brains normal visual process was bypassed in favor of a faster connection between the brain and eyes.

Amazing eye facts

  • The layer of tissue that holds the eye lens is the thickness of one red blood cell
  • Tears contain natural antibiotics
  • Cataract surgery may have been performed in India as early as the year A.D. 200
  • The human eye can detect 10 million color hues
  • Crossing your eyes is not dangerous
  • The network of blood vessels in the retina is so complex that even identical twins have different patterns
  • The annual economic impact of vision problems in adults age 40 and older is $51 billion

Why is my blood pressure so high?

Maybe it’s because you’re in your doctor’s office. White coat hypertension occurs when people anxious about being in a medical setting get their blood pressure taken. That anxiety can temporarily raise their blood pressure.

Grapefruit can interact with many drugs. Talk to your pharmacist about foods that might interact with your medications.

Is that a piano or a hearing aid?

According to a study from Northwestern University, musical training appears to counteract some age-related hearing loss. Researchers in the university’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory found that older people who had intensive training in music were better at processing speech and hearing speech amid noisy background environments than those with no musical training. Musical training may also help offset age-related memory losses, even for people who did not begin music lessons until later in life.