I was born in 1946, a time that was without TV, computers, cell phones even few tape recorders existed. You get the idea! At our house, we only had a radio until I was 10 years of age. I have grown up learning about the wonderful advantages of technology. I was thrilled with my first personal computer for my home, which was in 1995!

In other words, I have seen and experienced many changes. The small hearing aids in my ears are a result of many devoted people creating technology to make life better and brighter. I had forgotten how the wind sounds as it blows through the trees, or how crickets sing at night. I had no idea how many doors in my house needed WD-40!

On the other hand, I have noticed that with the advance of technology has come a lack of personal service. Not so with Deb Martin! Not only does she have a wonderful product to sell, Ms. Martin cares about the special needs of those who would benefit from the product. Though many years younger than me, she has a deep understanding of how one feels when loss of hearing results in losing touch with those who are near you, your family.

When one cannot hear, they are cut off from so much of life. Hearing loss is a subtle thing. It comes slowly and catches one unaware. I did not know what I was not hearing. Thanks, Deb, for giving me the tool that I needed to restore my life.

From a most satisfied customer,

Sharon J.

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