[Did you know?]

Sam’s Club holds free health screenings on the second Saturday of each month (Nov. and Dec. excluded).

Q Why did you become a pharmacist?

A My decision to pursue a career in pharmacy was greatly influenced by my time in high school working as a cashier for a retail pharmacist in my hometown of Sand Springs, Okla. He taught me that being a pharmacist meant weaving together years of training and experience to guide the members of your community to a better life.It also meant refining the talents of other Associates behind the counter. While I was in college, I found that my skills in math and science and my knack for entrepreneurship blended well in the profession of pharmacy.

Q What led you to work for Sam’s Club?

A I had the good fortune of completing a month-long advanced pharmacy practice experience at a Sam’s Club Pharmacy during my final year of college. I liked that Sam’s Club pharmacists were able to spend more time counseling their patients. This one-on-one time with the patient meant the pharmacist developed strong, meaningful relationships with the customers; thats a perk seldom listed in the want ads. Once I decided Sam’s Clubs vision of retail pharmacy matched mine, I kept an open line of communication with the Club in Oklahoma City.

Q What is the most important aspect of your work in helping your clients optimize their health?

A Two things stand out:screening for appropriate therapy and counseling for successful medication adherence, including over-the-counter medications and supplements.

Q If you could give Members one piece of advice for getting the most from their pharmacies, what would it be?

A Engage your pharmacy team with your health concerns, and together we will come to a solution that is tailor-made for your needs. I can’t count the number of times I or a member of my staff has gone above and beyond to help Members who believed they had reached a dead end with their diseases or therapies.